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Banking Services

The ThinkXpress open banking platform offers a robust, reliable, and secure banking system seamlessly integrated into a global network. Designed with precision, it efficiently generates and disseminates metadata information, highlighting unique partnerships, collaborations, and innovations—all dedicated to enriching and simplifying services for our valued users.

Whether depositing to your personal or business accounts users can benefit from real time instant payment solutions. Customers can deposit or send funds P2P, P2M, or Supplier business payments and salary payouts in real time locally and internationally.

Pay to Banks
Real time payments solution to any bank, offering instant transactions with transparent fees without intermediaries. From Bank-to-Bank transfers customers can access fast, reliable, and secure world-wide payment solutions. Enhance your connectivity and reduce your risk with real time reporting and payment confirmation.

Enable Payments to Mobile wallets.
Our contactless pay-to-wallet services allows customers to instantly send funds to 120 Mobile wallet brands across the globe. From Bank-to-wallet transfers customers can access fast, reliable, and secure world-wide payments solutions. Customers can now get access to cutting-edge contactless mobile wallets like never before giving them access to emerging markets, in a fast, safe, secure, and transparent payment option.